ABA Services at Kicklighter Academy


What is ABA?  

  • ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • ABA therapy includes one-on-one, individualized teaching based on a series of assessments.
  • ABA is generally recommended for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, but any student can benefit from ABA services.
  • ABA is proven to reduce deficits in a myriad of skills including language development, academics, social skills, fine and gross motor skills, and behavior. 
  • Research shows that 47% of children with ASD who receive Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, such as ABA, for 3 years at 30 hours per week between the ages of 2 and 6 will no longer need services upon entering school.


Why Choose ABA at Kicklighter Academy?

  • Kicklighter Academy offers not only individualized ABA services, but also offers learning experiences in a general education preschool classroom where students with ASD can learn from their typically developing classmates.
  • Students receive ABA services in an ASD-friendly classroom instead of learning in the home or in a center.  This eases the transition to elementary school while providing a stimulating learning environment. 
  • Students can also receive ABA services in their general education classroom to maximize social interactions and improve social skills.
  • ABA therapy is available for all students, even those who do not attend Kicklighter Academy! 


For more information, please contact our Lead ABA Therapist, Laurel Hammond at laurel@krcmail.org!